Holiday Programme Syllabus

Syllabus for Holiday Programme – 2012

Holiday Programme for Master English System in 2012

The programme consists of three major parts:

Part 1:
*Techniques for Paper 1:

* spelling based on themes
* rational cloze techniques (over 50 techniques but I will only cover few techniques during school holidays
(**Unbreakable and efficient techniques which were invented by T. Bryan and been used for years for UPSR, PMR and SPM students). 
(**If you know all techniques, you will definitely ACE in rational cloze)
  *Collective nouns and simile (some basic techniques for memorizing)
* other useful topics if I have sufficient time during the training.

Part 2:
*Advanced writing techniques for all existing participants

Part 3:
*Creative ways of teaching.

*All re-sit tuition centres must pay RM 450 / centre as deposit. The deposit can be redeemed for material. (Each book costs RM 5 for 6 hours lesson).
*Each centre can assign up to five teachers to attend the training
*All new centres must pay the development fees (please get an agreement from me).

 Pre-order material:
*Certificate of attendance
* Teaching materials
* Others

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