pg 27
1. forgot / forgetting
2. forgave / forgiving
3. froze / freezing
4. ground / grinning
5. hanged / hung / hanging
6. heard / hearing
7. hid / hiding
8. held / holding
9. hurt / hurting
10. knelt / kneeling

pg 28
1. colony
2. pride
3. stable
4. swarm
5. agile
6. dark
7. deep
8. hungry
9. quiet
10. slow

pg 29.
1. in
2. on
3. up
4. at
5. in
6. into
7. in
8. in
9. into
10. into
11. from
12. for
13. in
14. in
15. in
16. in
17. in
18. on
19.from / to
20. through

pg 30
1. with
2. were
3. attracted
4. and
5. the

pg 31
1. hari raya puasa is being celebrated
2. all the people are at the open-house
3. they are enjoying many kinds of Malay foods
4. the Prime Minister is having an open house
5. “Lemang”, “Kuih Bahala” and “Sate”

pg 32
1,. the lady is blowing her dauhter’s hair now
2. it is raining in the town now
3. the car is bumping into another car the the crossroad
4. The rabbits are munching some food in the hutch.
5. The lady is dusting the sofa at the living room
6. The doctor is examining the sick patient in the hospital
7. The boys are kicking football in the field
8. Meil Ling is visiting her grandmother now.
9, The flag is waving in the wind.
10. The girl is reviewing her textbook in the classroom

pg 35.
1. all students and teachers gather in the
2. by the arrival of headmaster and guest of honour, Datuk Haju Ahmad
3. gave a speech
4. a presentation by pupils
5. at 10:30 a.m.

pg 36.
1. Ali goes fishing with his father in front of his house
2. My father puts the bait in a large box.
3. Mary waited at the shopping mall patiently to meet her friend
4. Daniel and his friends caught the biggest fish in the lake.
5. Mei ling was as happy as a lark in her bedroom
6. Eventually, the police caught the thief and brought him to the police station.
7, after reaching the lake, they sat in a boat.
8. when Ali’s father was fishing, the road started to shake.
9, In order to catch the biggest fish, Ali’s father puts a bigger bait into the lake.
10. Ali’s father was not only as happy as a lark but also was very excited.

pg 38
1. Every weekend, Ali and his father goes fishihng near their house. His father takes a rod and puts the bait in to a box.
2. After reaching the lake, they sat in a boat. They waited in the boat patiently.
3. Ali’s father wanted to catch a big fish. He puts a bigger bait into the lake. He caught the biggest fish in the lake. He showed the fish to Ali. They were very happy and excited.

lesson 4:
1. laid / laying
2. leaned / leaning
3. led / leading
4. leapt / leaping
5. left / leaving
6. lent / lending
7. meant / meaning
8. mowed / mowing
9. paid / paying
10. rose / rising

pg 42.
1. an army
2. band
3. bench
4. bevy
5. board
6. strong
7. white
8. tall
9. smart
10. real

pg 43
1. from
3. to
4. in
5. to
6. into
7. with
8. at
9. at
10. into
11. with
12. on
13. of
14. to
15. at
16. from
17. at
18. with
19. in
20. on

pg 44
1. drove
2. car
3. they
4. lost
5. they

pg 45
1. Mr. Chin was happy becuase he bought home some durians
2. No, Mei Ling does not enjoy eating the fruit.
3. Mei Ling is closing her nose becaue she doesn’t like the smell of the fruit.
4. the durians are also called “The king of Malaysian Fruits”
5. The outer skin of the durian fruit looks sharp and it has many thorns

pg 46.
1. The Muslims are praying in the mosque
2. The policeman is working at the station.
3. The student is sitting on the track.
4. My friend is eating an apple.
5. My uncle is eating some satays.
6. The crow is perching on the branch.
7. The tortoises are in the aquarium
8. She is giving  some food to her neighbour
9. The clerk is typing at the table
10. The students are gathering in the hall now.

pg 48
1. an iguana is a reptile
2. lives in the water and on the land
3. uses its skin and lungs to breathe
4. skin is smooth and soft
5. is scaly and rough.

pg 49.
1. Ali took part in a race in his school field.
2. He competed with other swift runners.
3. One boy pushed a boy to fall.
4. Ali ran the fastest among all of the competitors.
5. Ali ran as fast as lightning.
6. Eventually, the boy got injured.
7. When he was reaching the finishing line,he fainted.
8. After he pushed the boy, the boy fell down.
9,. in order to win in the competition, a boy pushed another boy.
10. The boy not only got injured but also fell down nto the ground.

pg 51
1. Last week, Ali took part in a race near his school. He ran as fast as lightning
2. When a boy about reached the finishing line, anohter boy pushed him from behind. The boy fell down immediately.
3. The boy fell down and got injured. The Red Cross came and helped the boy,.

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