S5_Writing_Book A_13C

pg 1
1. surely
2. opportunity
3. trick
4. examine
5. select

pg 1
1. fertile
2. ugly
3. after
4. end
5. straighten

pg 2
1. some news
I gathered some news about the incident of Melody.
2. some patients
The doctor treats some patients in the hospital
3. some teeth
The dentist extracts some teeth of the boy.
4. some thieves
The policemen catch some thieves in the playground.
5. some vases
The gardener planted some flowers into the vase.
6. some aeroplanes
Some passengers board an aeroplane to Hong Kong.

pg 3.
1. announced
2. checked
3. cured
4. extracted
5. caught
6. held
7. showed
8. munched
9. tapped
10. chirped
11. played
12. wandered
13. wondered
14. arose

pg 4.
1. The teacher announces the most playful students every Monday.
2. The doctor checks the patients in the hospital.
3. The dentist extracts the boy’s teeth in the clinic.
4. The girl holds the trophy in the air.
5. He showed his results to the students just now.
6. She munched some apples in the kitchen just now.
7. Some birds chirped in the tree beside the big house yesterday.
8. I am playing basketball in the garden near my house.
9. She is showing off her marks to the students.

pg 5.
1. The teacher announces some news to the students.
2. The nurse check the patient.
3. The doctor cures the patients in the hospital.
4. The dentist extracts the girl’s teeth.
5. A policeman catches a thief.
6. The tourist holds the vases in his hands.
7. The boy shows off his aeroplanes in his room.
8. The hamster munches some food in the cage.
9. The girl taps her doll in her room.
10. The bird chirps in the cage.

pg 7
2. with
3. off
4. with
5. in
6. in
7. in
8. in
9. in
10. of
11. off
12. in
13. of
14. of
15. in

pg 8
1. bundle
2. carton
3. chain
4. chest
5. cloud
1. cool
2. crazy
3. cunning
4. cute
5. useful

pg 9
1. is gold in
2. is “Maker Line
3. Yee Kei
4. in the music room
5. is 5 Orange

pg 10
1. The producer is writing a strip for the movie.
2. The accountant is counting the figures with the calculator.
3. The engineer is building the bridge neat the station.
4. The scientist is inventing the products.
5. The sailor is sailing in the ocean.

pg 11.
1. The bread vendor rides the motorcycle to work very every morning.
2. The bread vendor smiles to the loyal customer.
3. The bread vendor says good morning to his customers.
4. Initially, the bread vendor smiles to his loyal customers politely.
5. The bread vendor carries his unsold delicious bread as slow as a tortoise.
6. He sells the freshest and the most delicious bread every day.

pg 12
7. After he carries his unsold bread to the bakery, he goes home.
8. When he rides his motorcycle, he sounds the horn.
9. cakes
10. keep all the bread fresh

pg 13.
1. Mr. Adam is a diligent bread vendor. He sells many types of bread. He rides his motorcycle to work every morning.
2. Mr. Adam smiles to his kind customer broadly. His customer purchases some buns from him. His customer always says thanks the bread vendor.
3. Mr. Adam carries his unsold bun back to his bakery and arranges them nicely in the shelf. After that, he goes back to his house to rest.

pg 14
1. tidy
2. shut
3. attire
4. rough
5. gather
1. straight
2. worst
3. worse
4. small
5. sweet

pg 15
1.The girl plays with her friends on the beach.
2. The nurse treats the patients in the hospital.
3. The boy reads a book in the library.
4. The teacher is teaching in the classroom.
5. The students are studying in the classroom.
6. The doctor is treating the sick boy in the clinic.

pg 16
1. enjoyed
2. wandered
3. slept
4. rained
5. composed
6. walked
7. helped
8. assisted
9. demonstrated
10. taught
11. jumped
12. fished
13. wrote
14. sang

pg 17
1. The principal announces the best students every Monday.
2. The doctor checks the patients in the hospital.
3. The dentist extracts the boy’s teeth from the clinic.
4. The boy holds trophy in the air.
5. The boy showed off the results to the students.
6. The girl munched the apples in the kitchen.
7. The bird chirped in the tree near the house.
8. The boy is playing in the garden near his house.
9. The boy is showing off the marks to the students.

pg 18
1. The boys enjoyed playing volleyball on the beach yesterday.
2. The girl slept in her bed at 7 o’clock yesterday morning.
3. The girl drank a milk of milk yesterday.
4. The village rained all night yesterday.
5. The boy walked to the makeshift canteen yesterday.
6. The lady combed her daughter’s hair yesterday.
7. The boy composed a song yesterday.
8. The man walked to the lake with his son yesterday.
9. The boy assisted the blind man to cross the road.
10. The teacher demonstrated the answer yesterday.

pg 20
1. at
2. on
3. along
4. of
5. to
6. with
7. to
8. with
9. in
10. to
11. on
12. by
13. on
14. to
15. to

pg 21
1. bundle
2. carton
3. chian
4. chest
5. cloud

1. cool
2. crazy
3. cunning
4. soft
5. useful

pg 22
1. are storybooks, comic books, board games and magazines
2. are tables, chairs, cupboards and printing paper
3. Sunday
4. School Resource Centre
5. are Michael Tan and Michelle Tan

pg 23
6. The hurdler is jumping over the bar on the track.
7. The hawker is serving some food at the stall.
8. The cobbler is mending a pair of shoes outside the bank.
9. The peddler sells variety of fried noodles at the makeshift stall.
10. The scarecrow is used to scare the sparrows.

pg 24
1. They decided to go to a circus near thier house.
2. They decided to go to a big circus.
3. They walked to the circus slowly.
4. Initially, ALi’s father bought four tickets at the counter.
5. The go into the circus from the smallest door at the entrance.
6. They danced on the stage gracefully.
7. Before they bought the tickets, they waited at the main entrance.
8. When the performer was performaing on the stage, all spectators see happily.
9. The clown was not only played some special tricks but also showed some dangerous show.
10. In order to get into the compound, they were required to queue up at the entrance.

pg 26
1. Last week, Ali’s family and Ali decided to go to a circus near their house. They walked to the circus slowly because the circus is very near to thier house.
2. Initially, Ali’s father bought four tickets at the counter. All other family members waited at the corner near the main entrance.
3. Then, the performer stood on the stage to perform some wonderful shows. ALl of the spectators clapped their hands to the performance.

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