pg 1
1. truthful
2. warm
3. add / enlarge
4. display / show
5. work / task

pg 1
1. last / end
2. sink
3. friend
4. stop
5. clever

pg 2
1. some classrooms
The boy is showing off may pictures in the classroom.=

2. some clothes
The girl uses a piece of cloth.

3. some patients
The doctor is examining the patients in the hospital.

4. some toys
The boy is showing off his toys in his bedroom

5. some pork
The boy slices the pork into small pieces

6. some dolls
The girl enjoys whispering with her doll in her bed

pg 3
1. fell
2. fed
3. felt
4. fought
5. found
6. fled
7. flew
8. forgot
9. forgave
10. froze
11. got
12. wandered
13. wondered
14. arose

pg 4
1. The teacher is demonstrating the students with some samples
2. The girl is wiping the cabinet with a piece of cloth
3. The doctor is rescuing some patients in the hospital
4. The boy is lifting the toy box in his room.
5. The man cuts some meat into small pieces.
6. My friends like my mother’s new hairstyle.
7. The dog woofs in the house
8。 The girl chewed some food in the kitchen.
9. They read many books of malaysia..

pg 5
1. The teacher conducts a class in the classroom every morning.
2. The boy wipes his bicycle with a piece of cloth every weekend
3. The doctor cures the patients in the hospital every day.
4. The firefighter safeguards the residential area.
5. The policeman sends the thief into jail. (Notes: into the jail means visit the jail. into jail means been prinsoned)
6. The policeman protects the bank during working hours.
7. The boy demonstrates the toy in his room.
8. The barber and the boy discuss the new hairstyle.
9. The girl whispers to her doll in her room.
10. The butcher slices the pork.

pg 7
1. of
2. with
3. with , about
4. with, in
5. in
6. with
7. in
8. into / to
9. from
10. of
11. into
12. in
13. of
14. from
15. in

pg 8
1. gang
2. bar
3. piece
4. pair
5. cup

pg 8
1. green
2. happy
3. hard
4. sly / cunning
5. mad

pg 10
1. The air stewardess is serving some passengers on the aeroplane.
2. The coach is coaching some players in the field.
3. The plumber is repairing some pipes in the house.
4. The visitors are snapping some pictures of the historical places.
5. The magician is showing some tricks on the platform.

pg 11
1. Pack Ali opens his shop near his house in the morning.
2. Pak Ali owns a small shop.
3. Pak Ali opens his gate slowly.
4. Early in the morning, a lady came to Pak Ali’s shop to buy some consumables.
5. The lady’s son is as timid as a mouse.
6. Pak Ali is the most responsible man in town.
7. After he opens his shop, a lady came to buy some grocery from him.
8. WHen the lady is selecting some consumables, the owner talks to the lady’s son.
9. In order to earn for living, the owner carries out  a daily routine activity.
10. The owner is not only responsible but also hardworking.

pg 13
1. Pak Ali is an owner of a grocery shop. He opens his shop every morning.
2. A lady always comes to Pak Ali’s shop with her son. She usually buys some consumables from the shop. While the lady is selecting the goods, Pak Ali talks to the lady’s son.
3. Pak Ali carries out daily routine work in his shop. He closes his shop at 7 o’clock every day.
4. Pak Ali is really a responsible and hardworking man.

pg 14
1. cheerful / playful
2. trip
3. leap
4. forest
5. fair
6. permit
7. strong
8. backward
9. stale
10. enemy

pg 15
1. some opponents
The boy throws a ball to his opponent.
2. some ponds
The boy dives into a pond to rescue a dog.
3. some water
They scoop some water from the lake.
4. some balls
They throw the big ball to thier friend.
5. some canteens
They enjoy having their lunch at the canteen.
6. some windows
The boy pushes open the curtains of the windows.

pg 16
1. received
2. drowned
3. sipped
4. chased
5. strolled
6. held
7. exchanged
8. munched
9. discussed
10. chirped
11. sipped
12. wandered
13. thought
14. planned

pg 17
1. They discuss about the projects with their classmates.
2. The boy drowns int eh water near the hospital.
3. The boy sips some water from the glass.
4. They stroll to the canteen on the path.
5. The boy pushes the windows of the room open.
6. They exchange some ideas in the classroom.
7. They kick a ball on the school compound.
8. They are singing a song on the stage.
9. They are chasing the ball in the field.

pg 18
1. They boy receives a ball from his oppoent.
2. The girl drowns in the pond.
3. The girl sips a glass of water.
4. The boy chases the ball in the field.
5. They stroll to the canteen.
6. The boy pulls the windows close.
7. The boy plans some the upcoming events.
8. The boys exchange their ideas.
9. The boy tries to direct the blind man to cross the zebra crossing,.
10. They have fun in the field.

pg 20
1. to
2. into
3. into / near
4. from
5. in
6. to for
7. with
8. for in
9. in
10. of
11. by
12. about
13. in
14. on
15. about

pg 21
1. bundle
2. carton
3. chain
4. chest
5. cloud
6. cool
7. bald
8. cunning
9. soft / cute
10. useful

pg 22
1. oprhan
1. Kan Mun Moon
2. twelve
3. Master Daily Newspaper
4. 50,000
5. with a serious liver problem
6. Master Daily Newspaper, 168, Jalan 2/5, 46511 Kuala Lumpur.

pg 23
1. The singer is singing a song on the platform.
2. The sculptor is crafting s statue at the entrance.
3. The workers are cleaning the toilet.
4. The maid is dusting the furniture.
5. The dentist is extracting the boy’s teeth.

pg 24
1. The bread vendor sells many types of bread from door to door.
2. The bread vendor alerts his customers by sounding his horn.
3. The bread vendor sounds his ring continuously.
4. In the beginnig, the bread vendor tries to alert his customers.
5. The bread vendor is selling the freshest buns in town.
6. The bread vendor is as hardworking as a bee.
7. The bread vendor is not only hardworking but also responsible.
8. In order to alert his customers, the bread vendor sounds his horn.
9. After six hours of working, the bread vendor returns to his house.
10. When some customers purchase the bread from him, he shares with the about the latest news.

pg 26
1. Pak Ali is a bread vendor. He is not only hardworking but also responsible bread vendor. He sells many types of bread from door to door.
2. He tries to alert his customers. He always sounds his ring. His loyal customers always purchase many loaves of bread from him.
3. After six hours of working, Pak Ali returns to his tiny bakery. He carries his bread and buns to the bakery. Then, he goes home to rest.

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