pg 1
tiger, cat, dog, …

2. ant, egg, elephant, …

pg 3
the (1-4)
– (1.4)

pg 4
1. the
2. the
3. the
4. the
(only one, we must use “the”)
1. the
2. the
3. the most
(superlative, use “the”)

pg 5
1. the
2. an
3. a
4, a, a
5. the
6. an
7. the
8. a
9. a
10. the

pg 6
1. Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia.
2. The worker earns RM 10 an hour for the work.
3. He bought a special gift from the market.
4. She receives an ornament from the Santa.
5. He saw a fierce dog in the market.
6. The boy won the first prize in the competition.
7. The door bell is on the door.
8. He received a bicycle from his father.
9. The picture is on sales in the market.
10. She buys a banana, an orange and a cake from the shop.

pg 7
1. The CN Tower is the highest
2. the united states
3. The naughty, the principal
4. the tallest
5. the tallest
6. a bowl, a plate
7. an aeroplane, the cloud
8. the notorious, the most
9. Bryan, a purse
10. the sun, the rain

pg 8
1. The Kuala Lumpur Tower is the highest tower in Malaysia
2. They visited the Netherlands with their parents next week
3. The naughty boy was scolded by the principal.
4. The boy is the tallest among all of his friends.
5. He is the tallest student in the class.
6. They eat some rice and a chicken.
7. An aeroplane flies in the cloud.
8. The thief stole some furniture from the house yesterday.
9. He picked up a purse from the ground.
10. He played in the sun and in the rain.

pg 9
1. – English
2. the movie
3. – pepper, – salt, – water
4. the teacher, the principal
5. a wallet, the wallet
6. a piece, the house
7. – Cameron Highlands, by car
8. The boss, is nobody
9. a useful
10. the friend

pg 10
1. A doctor works in the hospital days and nights.
2. A nurse treats the patients in the clinic
3. The producer produces a movie
4. The hurdler jumps over the box
5. The basketball player takes a big shot at the basket.
6. The teacher is scolding the naughty student in class.
7. The students went to the GHTP yesterday.
8. The dog is barking at the man.
9. He planted a useful plant in the garden.
10. A European is talking to the man in the classroom.

pg 11
1. mine
2. yours
3. ours
4. thiers
5. his
6. hers
7. its

1. I
2. You
3. We
4. They
5. He

pg 12
1. your
2. his
3. my
4. his
5. hers
6. yours
7. our
8. thier
9. his
10. hers

pg 13
1. YOu have to do your homework
2. The staff is taking to his colleges
3. I wear my shoes to school.
4. He left his toy on the table yesterday.
5. His book is white in colour
6. They keep thier pencils on the table.
7. the pencils on the pencil box are ours.
8. They took our books accidentally.
9. We keep our rabbit in the hutch.
10. He tries to pour the water into the cup.

pg 14
1. That is their wallet.
The wallet is thies

2. That is his book
That book is his.

3. That is his stapler
That stapler is his.

4. That is his cards
The cards are his

5. That is your dog
That dog is yours

6. That is their pencil boxes
The pencil boxes are theirs.

7. That is his car.
That car is his.

8. Those are her lunch box.
Those lunch box is hers.

9. That is my ring.
The ring is mine.

1. This is her ..
The xx is hers.

pg 16
1. The boys’ jerseys are blue in colour.
2. The girls’ hair is curly
3. The cat’s fur is soft.
4. The dog’s tail is long
5. The tiger’s stripes are orange and black.
6. The teacher’s car is green in colour
7. The principal’s office is big.
8. The students’ classroom is messy.
9. The man’s son is naughty
10. The bear’s paws are sharp.

pg 16
1.Jackson has a ball. That is his ball. That ball is his.
2. The students have many caps. These are their cap. The caps are theirs.
3. He has a toy car. That is his toy car. The toy car is his.
4. I have a photo album. This is my photo album. The photo album is mine.
5. They have many pencils. Those are their pencils. The pencils are theirs.

pg 17
1. The tail of the dog is long.
2. The wheel of the car is round.
3. The tyres of the bus are black.
4. The kennel of the dog is smelly.
5. The edges of the table are sharp.
6. The legs of the chair are broken.
7. The propellers of the helicopter are spoilt.
8. The lights of the house are beautiful.
9. The screws of the cabinet are sharp.
10. The hair of the boy is short.

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