pg 1
1. just
2. bottom
3. tender
4. donante
5. glad
1. wet
2. difficult
3. exit
4. dark
5. rise

pg 2
1. some classrooms
The boy is showing off the pictures in the classroom
2. some clothes
The worker uses a piece of cloth to wipe the toilet.
3. some patients
The doctor is examining the patients
4. some toys
The boy is showing off the toys in the bedroom
5. some pork
The worker slices the pork.
6. some dolls
The girl enjoys whispering with her doll on the bed.

pg 3
1. greeted
2. ran
3. checked
4. examined
5. walked
6. ate
7. munched
8. rested
9. celebrated
10. waved
11. planted
12. cleaned
13. tidied
14. washed

pg 4
1. The teacher is demonstrating the solution to the students with some samples.
2. The boy is wiping the cabinet with a piece of cloth.
3. The man is rescuing the patients in the hospital.
4. The boy is lifting the toy in the room.
5. The boy cuts the meat into pieces with a knife.
6. They like the girl’s new hairstyle.
7. The dog woofs in the house.
8. The boy chewed the food in the kitchen yesterday.
9. They read some books of Malaysia.

pg 5
1. The students greet the teacher good morning.
2. The runners run very fast in the field.
3. The nurse checks the boy with his hand.
4. The boy walks to the kitchen.
5. The boy eats a sandwich.
6. The boy rested in the field yesterday,.
7. They celebrated the girl’s birthday yesterday.
8. The girl waved to the her family members yesterday.
9. The girl planted some flowers in the garden.
10. The girl cleaned the room with a duster.

pg 6
1. to
2. in
3. on
4. with
5. through
6. at
7. on
8. at
9. to
10. in
11. with
12. in
13. on
14. at
15. on

pg 8
1. crew
2. field
3. gang
4. horde
5. party
1. clumsy
2. cold
3. cool
4. cunning
5. dark

pg 9
1.  in SJK( C ) Han Ming
2. to those pupils who scored 7As in the UPSR
3. on the 13th of November 2004
4. school hall
5. at 7:30 p.m.

pg 10
1. The clerk is typing a letter at the desk.
2. The nurse is treating the patients in the hospital.
3. The librarian is arranging some books in the library.
4. The captain of the sailors is navigating the ship in the ocean.
5. The tourist is taking some photos of Malacca.

pg 11
1. Ali’s father bought a new house beside a lake near Ali’s school.
2. Ali’s father showed off his house to his family.
3. The kept the goods into some boxes carefully.
4. In the beginning, they transferred a television into a box.
5. The television is as heavy as a rock.
6. The kept the biggest items into the biggest box.
7. After the workers loaded the goods onto a truck, Ali’s family went to the new house by car.
8. When Ali’s father was transferring the heavy items into some boxes, Ali kept the small items.
9. In order to move all furniture to the new house, they had to call a truck.
10. The new house was not only big but also beautiful.

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