Ews12: through, along, across, towards and round

 He looked through the telescope.
 The cat crawls through the hole.
 The river flows through  the town.
 He hammered the nail through  the wood.

 They ran along the beach
Siew Ling is skipping along the lane
The boys are running along the road
There are tall  trees along  this road.

 He ran across the street.
 Kim song swam across the river.
 I drew a line across the page.
 She walks across the field to school  every day.

 I ran towards her.
 The man walked towards his car.
 The policeman Came towards me.
 They ran towards the hut.

 The teacher walked round the class  to pass out the books.
 They took a look round the town.
 The earth moves round the sun
He turned round suddenly.

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