Argumentative essay: Steps to follow

Topic: What are the advantages and disadvantages of students participating in sports?

Step 1: Pre-writing: Brainstorming technique: Listing
a. Healthy
b. Release stress and tension

a. no time for homework
b. spend too much time in school

Step 2: Planning
a. give a topic sentence for each paragraph (i.e. for each advantage / disadvantage)
b. expansion of notes

Paragraph 1: Sports – activities carried out for pleasure / exercise (Introduce the topic. Give definition)

Paragraph 2: Good for health
(Advantage 1: Elaborate topic sentence. What good does sports do for the body?)

Paragraph 3: Sports participation instils discipline and develops leadership qualities.
(Advantage 2: Elaborate topic sentence. How? Give examples on discipline and leadership qualities.)

Paragraph 4: Sports participation leads students to neglect their homework, studies and even family
(Advantage 3: Elaborate topic sentence. How? )

Step 3: Writing
Write the draft (write the introduction, conclusion and elaborate each topic sentence).

Step 4: Editing
a. Check for grammar and spelling mistakes
b. Improve on vocabulary and sentence structures (please refer to a list of writing skills “SEC” that I have thought in the classroom so that you can beautify your sentences)

Step 5: Rewriting
a. Write the final draft.

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