UPSR TIPS: Extremely Important notes – MUST READ

No explanations will be provided for those students who do not attend my class.

You can choose to contact me for explanations.

1. Peter will go to Penang.
2. Dogs are faithful animals.
3. He speaks English very well.
4. We should start after breakfast.
5. My favourite game is football.
6. Sunday is the first day of the week.
7. December is the last month of the year.
8. My brother goes to school.
9. Gold is a precious metal.
10. The man shot the crow with a gun.

1. This man always wears black shoes.
2. I wan to borrow a book from you.
3. Someone has stolen all his money.
4. Some men robbed a bank last night.
5. Tables are usually made of wood.
6. Bread is usually made from wheat.
7. He was looking out of the window.
8. I was listening to her sweet song.

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