UPSR Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

Good News to all of my students. If you are too busy to prepare for your English exam, you must attend my class OR read the following notes:

1. The teacher was angry with him.
2. He often boasted of his riches.
3. He is careful of his health.
4. Many people complain about the heat.
5. He came by bus last night.
6. He failed in mathematics last term.
7. I congratulate you on your success.
8. He is interested in music.
9. He is glad of the news.
10. My brother is good at mathematics.
11. Look at this beautiful picture.
12. He is very proud of his success.
13. I was surprised at his failure.
14. The boys are tired of boiled eggs.
15. I divided the cake into four parts.
16. He was busy preparing his exams.
17. The colour of the book is red.

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