We can join up short sentences by using the words below:
1. who, which, that and whose (relative pronouns)
e.g. I spoke to that boy. He scored the goal.
I spoke to the boy who scored the goal.

2. because
e.g. She was late. The bus broke down.
She was late because the bus broke down.

3. so
e.g. I was very tired. I went to bed.
I was very tired so I went to bed.

4. and or but
e.g. I tied up the parcel. I took it to the post office.
I tied up the parcel and took it to the post office.

e.g. I went to the post office. I did not post the parcel.
I went to the post office but I did not post the parcel.

5. where
e.g. this is the place. I found the money in this place.
This is the place where I found the money.

6. When
e.g. It started to rain. I shut the windows.
I shut the windows when it started to rain.

When it started to rain, I shut the windows.

7. Although
e.g. He did not catch the bus. He ran very hard.
He did not catch the bus although he ran very hard.

1. I bought this book. I bought it at the shop at the corner. I bought my other books there too.
2. The house is empty. The owners have moved to Taiping. They went last week. They have a new house in Taiping.
3. This is mine. That is yours. Where is Salina’s?
4. He likes Muthu. He likes Hashim too. He does not like Ramli much. Ramli is very naughty at times.
5. She loves rambutans. She loves Cikus and Langsat too. She does not like durians. They have a rather unpleasant smell.
6. I waited for you. You did not come. I was very worried.
7. Sim Keng was listening to the radio. The radio was too loud. He did not hear us. We knocked on the door.
8. He kicked the ball hard. It went over the fence. He had to go and get it.
9. That dog chased the kitten. the kitten ran up the tree. Now is cannot get down again.
10. Kim Hua is writing a letter. She is writing to her friend. He lives in Kong Kong.
11. We can to a pool. Some children were swimming in the pool.
12. I know the boy. That boy’s father won a prize in the lottery. He won the prize last month. The prize was a big one.

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