Holiday Programme 2013

5 September 2013
Dear parents,
RE: Programmes of Year 2013 for Bandar Puteri
Due to the overwhelming requests by parents, Master Tuition would like to offer BM, BI and BC courses for those avid students who are eager to enhance their BM, BI and BC during the long school holidays.  
            Instead of allowing your love one – child / children to stay at home for carrying some unproductive activities such as playing computer games, chatting on face book and etc, you can assign some meaningful courses for your kid(s) to enhance their knowledge; hence, they will be ready once they are in new school year 2014.
Leaning is life-long and fun if you do it right. Minority of irresponsible workers or professionals take two months leave due to stress. Why should you allow your love one to take two months off due to stress?  In short, smart students always get smarter and better due to their well-planned parents.
Enclosed please find the attachment for the timetables, fees and application form. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Master Tuition at 03-8060-3383 or 012-664-1376 to clarify. Registration will be carried out based on first come first serve basis. 
The starting dates for the holiday programme / new intake of each programme are set out as follows:
Preparation for year 2014
Date (no. of weeks)
Standard 1 – Standard 5
18 November 2013 – 20 December 2013 (5 weeks)
Standard 6 (Year 2014 lessons)
1 November 2013 – 20 December 2013
(7 weeks)
Form 1
Start 17 September 2013
            To book a seat, please kindly pay a minimum deposit of RM 30 together with the application form.
Yours Sincerely,
 Bryan Low
Principal of Master Tuition

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