A test for parents

1. Do you talk and discuss with your kids daily?
2. Do you hug you kids daily to send a message to them that you love them?
3. Do you listen to your kids patiently daily?
4. Do you ask your kids the following questions daily:
a. Have you eaten yet?
b. Do you take a bath?
c. Have you completed your homework?
d. Have you prepared for your examination yet?
e. What is your score for your examination?
5. Criticize your kids and scold them for being slow of doing something?
6. Do you scold your kids before asking them for explanations?
7. Do you think that you shouldn’t praise your kids too much?
8. When somebody praises your kids, do you respond with some negative statement? I.e. Your son is so well-behaved. Then, you said that he is very naughty at home.
9. When your kids do something good, you never praise them and criticize them. I.e. Your kids’ BM has improved 2.5% from the last examination. You scold them why don’t you score 80% and above and change to another tuition centre.
10. Do you compare your kids with others OR do you compare your kids with their brothers?
11. Do you want your kids to attend multiple tuitions?
12. Do you understand your kids’ atttitude and behaviour?
13. Do you keep up on your kids?
14. Do you treat your kids like an adult?
15. Do you want your kids to listen to you at all time?
16. Do you think you are always right in front of your kids?
17. Do you limit your kids’ choices?
18. Do you give an opportunity for your kids to make thier own decision?
19. Do you know your kids’ learning pattern?
20. Do you know why do you need to send your kids to school?

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