Kid management: Respect kids’ model of the world

As an adult, we must respect everyone in the world.
I respect my previous boss to guide me to be a better teacher now.
I respect my parents for sending me to Canada when I was 13 years old. (To be honest to you, I blamed them in the beginning.Now, I would have to say thank you to them)
I respect all of the unsung heroes in the world.

After I have two cute baby boys, I realised that we must respect our kids.

Few years back, I enjoy reading newspaper on my Iphone when my kids were with me.
Slowly, my kids grabbed my iphone to play with it.

I scolded them fiercely. But, guess what, nothing had gone better.

I stopped using my iphone when I am with my kids except for answering the phone call.
Then, everything changes overnight. My kids stopped asking for my phone to play.

Last week, when I gathered with my relatives during one open house event. I realised it all of the kids played with ipad, iphone, samsung and other gadgets.

Two of my kids never touched the electronic devices at all.

My sister asked that why I can train my kids for that attraction.
My answer is as simple as ABC.


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