Advantages of academic based approach kidergarten

No right or wrong answer but depend on you.

Play-based approach focuses on play and learn yourself so that your emotional skills can be improved.
Academic based approaches, focus on IQ and ventures into social and emotional skills later on.

I have two kids. Both of them have studied in academic based enrichment centre: Shichida.

In the beginning, I was so worried that they cannot learn emotional and social skills BUT…

Initially, no doubts, their IQ is good.
When they come to emotional skills and social skills, they are weaker than others.

I went to consult a consultant and finally realise it my kids have high IQ so that if I want to improve their social skills, I need to give some reasons.

When I start to tell them reasons for doing this and that, they tend to understand. Eventually, their emotional and social skills improve substantially.

For example, I went to Langkawi with my kids, my wife and 11 other staff. My wife got burned accidentally. My two kids cried immediately when they saw their mami got hurt.

After taking to them with reasons, they calmed down and and they started to share the story to my staff.

“Sister, you should not play with hot water or you will get burned like my mami”. Slowly, they build up their IQ and social skills.

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