Kindergarten: Play-based v.s. Academic based for kindergarten

In a play-based program, children choose some activities based on their current interests. 
Also called “child-centred”

The play-based classroom is broken up into sections: 
Section 1: Home 
Section 2: Kitchen
Section 3: Science area
Section 4: Reading corner
Section 5: Space with blocks and other toys. 

Teachers encourage the kids to play, facilitating social skills along the way. 
While they are playing, they learn some social skills and cooperation with others. 

Alternatively, there are academic programs, considered didactic, “teacher-directed,” “teacher-managed.” 
In these classrooms, teachers lead the children in a more structured way, planning the activities, then guiding the children in doing them. 
This design is aimed at preparing kids for the kindergarten setting. 
For the most part, classroom time is devoted to
A. learning letters and sounds, 
B. Distinguishing shapes and colors
C. Telling time, and other skills.
A play-based classroom is too chaotic . 
The important thing to remember is that preschool should not look like elementary school. “It should be organized so there is a plan and routine for the day. 

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