Academic Based is better than play-based learning approach

Academic based approach is better than play-based approach

Have you heard of garbage in and garbage out? In other words, nothing in is nothing out.  
For degree students, why should the professors teach students theories and concepts. If you focus on play-based approach, you just ask all degree students to go to universities to do whatever they want. At the end of the day, they learn a lot of things. 
Non-sense. If the professors do not teach you anything and based on play-based approach. You have limited input; hence, you have limited quality output. 

Just how do young kids’ brains develop, and how can we use that information to provide the best learning environment for children?
Kindergarten curriculum has also changed radically. Yet last I heard, today’s kids’ brains aren’t developing any differently than previous generations.  
Nope, we’ve just changed what we demand at an early age.
Now if a five-year-old isn’t sitting still all day in school, we sometimes call it Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder—or some other diagnosis—rather than ask: Would we perceive that same child differently if he were in a play-based kindergarten?

Unfortunately, I’ve met too many adorable young kindergartners who have already experienced failure. 
That’s why I’m jealous of countries that use curriculum based on natural brain development.

For example, movement, intuition, images, and rhythm are mostly associated with the right side of the brain, and reading, writing, and math are mostly associated with the left side.  Turns out the right side has a burst of development between the ages of four to seven, whereas the left side gets going between the ages seven and nine.  So are we surprised that Denmark boasts nearly 100% literacy—and doesn’t present formal reading instruction until age eight?

Why not hold schools accountable, as well? Challenge educators to provide research that shows today’s young children’s brains are different than kindergartners of past generations.  Have them prove that there’s no link between the recent accelerated academic push and the number of kids who are struggling in school.
And if they can’t substantiate claims that academic kindergartens are far better for young brains than play-based ones . . . . will millions of school kids also get a refund?

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