Kindergarten Hunt

Master Tuition is having a soft launch for kindergarten

How do you hunt for a kindergarten?
1. Have a systematic learning method or programme
2. Good interaction between teachers, students and parents
(You are able to follow closely what is your child / children’s progress in school, not twice or thrice a year during report card day, but as frequent as possible for teachers and parents’s talk.
3. Airy environment)
4. Small scale school
(Teachers and students know everyone well and can mix with different age friends. Unlike big school, seldom got chance to mix everyone together)
5. Writing work only at school with all guidance by teachers. From basic to difficult.
(Homework only comes on Friday)
6. Parents will get a weekly progress report
(Report on what they have learned and what are their weaknesses are? If any of that mention and need attention, parents can take immediate action to follow up and strengthen them simultaneously.)
7. No uniform is needed

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