Announcement for January 2014

Due to the overwhelming registration for UPSR Tuition, standard 6 Tuition Classes have been closed for enrolment in 2014.

Thank you for your support.

Master Tuition would like to take this opportunity to wish all UPSR students scoring flying colour results in 2014.

Master Tuition is launching two new programmes in 2014.
1. Specialist classes for Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mathematics for independent high school.
2. Academic based learning approach for 4 years old, 5 years old and 6 years old students.

Background of Master Tuition
Master Tuition is Puchong’s leading academic based Bahasa Malaysia and English tuition centre.

Master Tuition is only employed specialist teachers.

Master Tuition has the most up-to-date and the most systematic material.

SEEING IS BELIEVING. PLEASE CALL MASTER TUITION at 03-8060-3383 or 012-664-1376 to walk through the extraordinary system and learning approach.

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