Last Call for UPSR Candidates

UPSR is around the corner.
In order to pass with flying colours in the most significant examination for all primary school scholars.

The principal of Master Tuition Group, Bryan Low, would like to sacrifice his precious time with family to conduct the most up-to-date clues and techniques – THE MASTER METHODS – to all avid learners.

100% of the money collected will be donated to the orphanage.
Non Current Student: RM 10
Current Student: RM 5
Together, we can strike for continual improvement.
Needless to say, you can also help those people who demand caring and sharing – The orphans
Please reserve your seat as fast as lightning to avoid any inconvenience cause!
For the past four years, all workshops were full house.

100% of the students benefit from the workshop.
Don’t hesitate to ask around from parents who are just a stone’s throw away.
Proving allows you to strengthen your confidence.

The Management

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