This is the only time that Master Tuition announces the programme of English Writing to the public

Due to the overwhelming requests by majority of the faithful parents, Master Tuition is pleased to announce a new course – English Writing – for year 7, year 8 and year 9 students. 

Due to numerous centres ,which offer immensely better English courses with below average educators, makes some parents keep changing their centres throughout the childhood of their love ones. As a result of over-shifting, majority of the kids encounter countless failure in terms of learning English. 

At the helm of Master Tuition is a dedicated English trainer Bryan Low who loves English and he spends endless of time doing research on English. Hence, only 1% of the students leave Master Tuition for learning English under his supervision. 

With the implementation of English Writing Skills, which is invented by Master Trainer, Bryan Low, more than 15 years in teaching English as a second language, encourage 99% of the avid learners who are able to catch up the steps of writing and the conversion from simple essay to essays with an abundance of sentence variety.

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