Progressive Update for English Checkpoint Tuition Classess

All children have talents for learning how to write countless of essays naturally.

Think how well they learnt when they were much younger.

What has since stifled this natural inquisitiveness of learning and creativity has been the dull, old fashioned and stressful way they have been taught.

This has caused them to build a mental block to obtain abundance of knowledge.

In Master Tuition, we will fine-tune and reshape the passion of apprentices  towards exploring by implementing holistic English writing skills.

Post-UPSR: IGCSE Class 1 (The inception of the programme is on 17 September 2014)
Confirmed Registration: Eight (8) students.
Status: Open for registration

IGCSE / Checkpoint 2:
Confirmed Registration: 18 Students
Availability: 2 seats are available
Status: 3 Students are under waiting list due to the timetable

IGCSE / Checkpoint 3:
Confirmed Registration: 19 Students
Availability: 1 seat is available
Status: Second class is scheduled to be kicked start soon

IGCSE / Checkpoint 1
Confirmed Registration: Seven (7) students
Status: Open for registration

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