English Programme for Private, International and Independent High Schools

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to share with you all the potential opportunities that will be provided by Master Tuition as we develop as the most systematic tuition centre that embraces the diversity of our community and challenges that minds of our students. At Master Tuition, we offer English tuition for international school, private school and independent high school students as well as Bahasa Malaysia tuition for private school, government school and independent high school students.

In the primary school, children learn with the highly appraised national primary curriculum. Majority of the students are capable of scoring with flying colours on the back of the MASTER METHODS with the highly qualified teachers.

In the secondary school, one of the crucial stages for teenagers, Checkpoint / IGCSE based syllabi are offered with cross curricular links that prepare students for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Checkpoint. Despite opting to have an enrolment with the government schools or independent high schools, students are able to absorb some techniques for transforming from inferior sentences and paragraphs into superior essays with numerous complex sentences and countless of powerful vocabulary.

As English for Chinese school is a piece of cake for most of the students, abundance of extraordinary students, who devote their childhood in Chinese Schools, are not able to compete with the scholars who attend the international schools or even the government schools.

Unlike the primary school syllabi that focus on examination techniques, the founder of Master Tuition, Bryan Low, incorporates English Writing Skills into a blend of creative hands-on activities that has proven to be a highly developed learning experience for all secondary school students.

The focus on the MASTER METHODS of learning and teaching prepares children with right skills to become independent-thinkers, lifelong learners. Hence, The English course and Bahasa Malaysia programme are designed to equip learners with the best foundation possible for entry into the Malaysia’s top secondary schools or the world’s superior universities.

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