Leading Purveyor of Bahasa Malaysia and English Writing for KSSR * PT3 * SPM

  1. Wrong: as clear as a crystal.
    Correct: as clear as crystal.

  2. Wrong: as hard as the iron
    Correct: As hard as iron.

  3. Wrong: as smooth as the glasses
    Correct: as smooth as glass.

  1. Wrong: as safe as a bank.
    Correct: as safe as the bank.

  2. Wrong: as silent as a grave
    Correct: as silent as the grave.

  3. Wrong: as hot as the furnace.
    Correct: as hot as a furnace.

  4. Wrong: as light as the feathers.
    Correct: as light as a feather.

  5. Wrong: as wise as a owl.
    Correct: as wise as an owl.

  6. Wrong: as sure-footed as the goat.
    Correct: as sure-footed as a goat.


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