Frequently Asked Grammar Topic

Question: Can you tell me what are the key topics for grammar? 

There are many topics for grammar; however, there are few topics that are very important for kids: – 
All grammar topics are classified in five main areas: 
Area 1: Nouns
1. Common Nouns
2. Proper Nouns
3. Pronouns
4. Countable and uncountable nouns
Area 2: Verbs
1. Subject-verb agreement
2. Present tense
3. Past tense
4. Future tense
5. Present continuous tense
6. Past continuous tense
(Note: There are twelve types of tenses but for primary schools, students are required to familiar with six types only)
Area 3: Adverb
Area 4: Adjective
1. Simple adjective
2. Comparative
3. Superlative
Area 5: Preposition + Article

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