Leading Purveyor of Bahasa Malaysia and English Writing for KSSR * PT3 * SPM

PT3: Novel – How I Met Myself

1. John Taylor 
– 34 year-old-Englishman
– around 6.5 feet tall
– light brown hair and eyes
– has a moustache

– is a computer programmer
– sent to work in Budapest, Hungary
– happy at work

– his wife is Andrea, his Hungarian language teacher
– very hardworking husband
– protective family man

– stable and confident young man until he meets his doppelganger

– troubled by doppelganger and recurrence of dreams
– determined

2. Andrea
– young Hungarian language teacher
– dark brown hair, blue eyes with beautiful smile
-loving wife
– accommodating
– humble and versatile

3. Janos Szabo
– a good family man
– not very healthy
– became extremely upset and was never the same again after the tragedy

4. Zsolt
– Owner of a bar at Gergely Utca
– Friendly
– Helpful
– Open to changes

5. Kati
– keeps parents busy

6. Paul Harris
– A close friend of John
– A journalist
– Understanding
– concern

6. Mrs. Fischer
– a little deaf
– hospitable
– sympathetic

7. Petra
– Old friend of Andrea.
– Helpful


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