PT 3: Novel – How I Met Myself- Advanced Moral Values for Sharing


Based on “How I Met Myself by David A. Hill”, write about a character that shows determination (perseverance / persistence)
Provide evidence from the text to support your answer. 
Advanced Answer: 
Paragraph 1:
Based on “How I Met Myself” by David A. Hill, a character that showed determined was John Taylor. 
Paragraph 2: 
– A man rushed into John at Felka Utca. 
– The man looked alike as John. 
– John Taylor was determined to follow and find the man. 
– He followed the man to Zsolt’s cafe in Gergely utca. 
– He looked for the man in the cafe. 
– He asked the cafe’s owner whether he saw anybody there. 
– He tottered to the toilet to investigate. 
– He was in vain in the cafe.  
Paragraph 3: 
– He did not surrender. He kept on going to Felka utca after his routine work daily. He waited patiently at number 7 Felka utca. He hoped to meet the man again. 
– He went to each flat at Felka utca. He checked all the names beside the doorbells for each flat. 
– Furthermore, he visited the cafe in Gergely utca every night. However, no good news had been found. 
– He went to Felka utca with Andrea. He asked the housekeeper whether she knew any man who looked like him. Unfortunately, the housekeeper did not realize anybody. 
– Even though he was in vain, John did not lose hope. 
Paragraph 4: 
– John was determined to find out about any related incident that happened on 18 January. 
– He went to Budapest City Library. He learnt that a mother and her child who died in an explosion in Gergely utca. The explosion happened on 18 January 1945. The mother’s name ws Mrs. Szabo. 
– Upon learning about Mrs. Szabo, he went to Gergely utca. 
– He went to Felka utca. He met a man named Mr. Szabo but it was not the right guy. 
– Then, he met with Mrs. Fischer who told John that his face looked exactly like Janos. 
Paragraph 5: 
– 18 January was an important date. 
– John read many old newspaper. 
– On 18 January 1945, a mother and her child died in an explosion in Gergely utca. 
– He met with Mrs Fischer. 
– Firstly, John learnt about Janos Szabo. 
– Secondly, Janos had a wife and daugther was Kati. They died in an explosion in Gergely utca. 
– Thirdly, she told Joh that his face looked like Janos. 
– John and Janos were born on 23 October. 
Paragraph 6: 
– John’s determination helped him to solve the mystery of his doppelganger. He believed that every cloud has a silver lining. His doppelganger saved Andrea and Kati from a terrible explosion.  

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