PT3: I wonder

Summary: – 
1. There are many questions being asked. Children are curious and they tend to look for answers. 

2. In the poem, “I wonder”, the child is curious about the elements of nature. 

3. The child want to know “why the grass is green”, “why the wind is never seen?”, “Who taught birds how to build their nests”

4. When she looks up into the sky, she has more queries with regards to the moon, stars, lightning and rainbow. She also wonders why the shape of the moon keeps changing. She wonders why some parts of the moon disappear for few days. 

5. She looks at the twinkling stars and likens them to a candle that gives light. 

6. She wants to know who cause the lightning to flash at all time. 

7. She wonders why the clouds are so soft and fluffy and who hangs them up so high. 

8. She wonders who paints the seven colours of the rainbow after rain. 

9. Most of the answers are not answered by the adults. 

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