PT3: Poem – Heir Conditioning

The Poet – Dato’ M. Shanmughalingam

1st stanza: – 

1. The grandchild asks questions to his / her grandfather and grandmother. 

Question 1: 
The grandchild asks his grandfather whether he / she was able to breathe before the invention of air-conditioners. 

The grandchild continues to ask whether his / her grandfather could live without all modern gadgets. 

The grandchild also wonders how his / her grandparents communicate with other without the invention of fax machines, telephones, emails and etc. 

In the past, those gadgets were considered luxury goods. Now, those gadgets become the necessity.

2nd stanza: – 

The grandfather or grandmother responds his / her grandchild’ answer. 

Grandparents say that they lived at an earlier time than the grandchild. 

Because they were not educated, they did not have to deal with pollution, stress, traffic jams and the damage of the natural environment and the natural disaster. 

The grandparents also respond that they were afraid of God and they respected the nature.  
Now, human beings face many problems. Money starts to become the main focus of many human beings. 

Moral Values: 
1. Take care and appreciate the nature. 
2. Use technology wisely. 
3. do not be blinded by money
4. Appreciate god’s creation 
5. Be religious. Do not forget your responsibilities. 

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