Leading Purveyor of Bahasa Malaysia and English Writing for KSSR * PT3 * SPM

To fight against crimes, privacy turns into the top priority of mastertuition!

“IS J.J. Low SINGLE?” “Where is Michael living?” “Does Jordan live in Puteri 9 – one of the luxury residential areas in Bandar Puteri, Puchong?” How many siblings does William have?”

Fortune tellers exist everywhere without your notice. Do you know why? Due to the ever insane volume of photos uploaded by numerous irresponsible promoters on facebook or other related social media as an advertisement.

mastertuition is working to reclaim students’ narratives, privacy and personal lives to ensure that notorious folks are unable to track the existence of scholars of mastertuition.

Hence, mastertuition does not enclose or upload any students’ photos on facebook or other related social media to boast the centre without the consent of the parents.

Thank you those parents who furnished an array of valuable feedback.

refer to http://www.mastertuition.com.my/





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