Notes from Bryan Low (The Principal of mastertuition)


Letter from Bryan Low (The Principal of mastertuition)

At mastertuition, we believe in the importance of cultivating a writing habit no matter how old you are.

Of course, it is always best to learn from the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

Based on our years of experience, we’d like to share some advice for UPSR, PT3 and SPM students.

If you are those parents who want your kids to score with flying colours with tips instead of learning based on fundamental, you may stop reading now.


Philosophy of mastertuition: –

Some centres are buying exam questions from the school teachers so they are able to help students to score with flying colours.

mastertuition: –
The all-important first step is to find pleasure in the act of writing.

Soothe yourselves: engage with the characters or simply glide along with the swoop and rush of the plot.

Hire young and inexperienced teachers with an array of past years questions. Needless to say, the foundation of the students are hard to be established.

mastertuition: –
We guide students based on mastertuition methods.

Some of the methods: –
For Primary Schools: –
Fat Boy Method, CDBRIAN Methods, MASER Methods and etc.

For Secondary Schools: –
Triangle Methods for narrative, descriptive and other related essays.

House Methods, Matrix and etc.

refer to

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