1. As a rule – Usually, generally
  2. Be on the safe side – Take no chances
  3. Be up to one’s ears – Have a lot of work / exams / reports
  4. By all means – Definitely / certainly
  5. Catch a cold – To get sick with a cold
  6. Come down with – Become sick / ill with
  7. Come up with – Find a solution / an idea
  8. Die of hunger – Be very hungry
  9. Every now and then – Occasionally, not often
  10. Every other – Alternate
  11. Got down to (work / business) – Start work without delaying
  12. Get the ball rolling – Start an activity / make a beginning
  13. Make a point of – Say or do something with a particular intent
  14. Once in a blue moon – Almost never
  15. Out of the question – impossible
  16. The ins and outs of – All the details
  17. Think nothing of it – That’s all right
  18. Under the weather – Not well
  19. To clear the air – To explain
  20. To keep up appearance – To make it look as if you are richer or better off
  21. To have an axe to grind – To have something to gain by an action
  22. To get out of bed on the wrong side – To get up in the morning in bad temper
  23. To face the music – to face the consequences
  24. To get into hot water – To get into trouble
  25. To make a mountain out of a molehill – To make a small matter appear much bigger
  26. To tell a white lie – To tell a lie for a good cause
  27. To turn over a new leaf – To become a good boy
  28. Judge a book by its cover – should not judge a person based on his / her outlook