Prepositions – The Links


  • Prepositions readily combine with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  • nouns
  1. aptitude, talent for
  2. belief, faith in
  3. evidence, hint, news, proof of
  4. sympathy for,with
  5. praise for, of


  1. annoyed by (a remark)
  2. annoyed with (somebody)
  3. argue about (an issue)
  4. argue with (a person)
  5. argue for, against (a proposal)
  6. accede to (a request)
  7. account for (missing items)
  8. accustomed to (an activity)
  9. accused of (a crime)
  10. agree to (a proposal)
  11. agree with (somebody)
  12. believe in (a religion)
  13. belong to (a club)
  14. centre on (a topic; not around)
  15. comply with (rules)
  16. conform to (rules)
  17. confide in (a person)
  18. consist of (different parts)
  19. conversant with (a topic)
  20. depend on (somebody)
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