Grammar Subject-Verb Agreement Tuition

Problem words

Problem words for subject-verb agreement

  • With, together with, like, as well as do not add to the number. (Only and adds to the number.)
  1. The boy, with ten others in the bus, was late for school.
  2. The member of Parliament, together with eight officials, is touring Shah Alam.
  3. Salmah, like Alice, is tall for her age.
  4. Bryan, as well as his brother, has been invited to the party.
  • Each, every, everybody, anybody, nobody, one of the singular.
  1. Each child gets a present on Children’s Day.
  2. Everyone wants to eat a piece of cake for breakfast.
  3. Everybody has to finish his / her homework on time.
  4. Anybody above 21 is eligible for membership to the club.
  5. Nobody is perfect.
  6. One of the boys has taken my pencil.
  • None can be either singular or plural.
  1. I wanted to buy a good watch but none was available from that shop.
  2. None of the goals were saved by the goalkeeper.
  • All, half, means, a lot are either singular or plural, depending on the intended meanings.
  1. All is lost. (all here means everything)
  2. All are invited for the party. (all here refers to “People”)
  3. Half a share is better than none. (Half of the single unit)
  4. Half the papayas are spoilt in storage. (ten out of 20)