SPM English 1119 Past Year Papers – Part 4


  • How do you think the media has  influenced you and your family?
  • Some people think the legal age for driving should be increased from 17 to 19. What do you think?
  • Describe how you spend a free day when the weather was very bad.
  • Large families make happy families.
  • Write a story of an old man returning to his home he left many years ago.


  • My Hero
  • If you were able to choose a time in history that you could visit, which time would it be and why?
  • Life in Malaysia in the new millennium.
  • Things that I like about my life.
  • “More land should be used for agriculture than for industry.” Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support your opinion.


  • My Dream Car
  • Education – what it means to me.
  • The computer – is it really an advantage?
  • The day I lost my temper.
  • Memories


  • Describe a day at school when you were very unhappy
  • Parents do not spend enough time with children nowadays. What is your opinion?
  • Write a letter to penfriend describing some interesting places in your village, town or home state.
  • Write a story beginning with “I could tell by his face that he was angry…”
  • Being young.


  • Imagine you were moving to a new house. Describe the last day in your old house.
  • Describe the scene at a crowded bus or railway station.
  • Write a story with the following title “A Narrow Escape.”
  • Do you think games are an important part of school life?
  • Water
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