Who Else Wants to Write a Perfect Email for KSSR

Model Answer for E-mail (Suitable for KSSR – Standard 4, Standard 5 and Standard 6)

From: mastertuition@gmail.com

To: 1mastertuition@gmail.com

Subject: Terrific Day in Selangor.

How are you (my lovely friend)? I hope you are in the pink (of health). I am in Selangor now. My family and I arrived here yesterday. We stayed in one of the most splendid hotels in the town. One of my favored moments was playing with the tortoises on the farm. We could soothe ourselves down while playing with the creatures. Furthermore, splashing around in Sunway Logoon was etched in my mind. We took numerous photos with our candid moments. You should persuade your father to come here. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.  (92 words)



Bryan Low