A Letter to Complain about the Rubbish Problem

You are a resident of Taman Mastertuition. After a discussion with the other residents, you

write a letter to complain about the rubbish problem in your area. Address the letter to the President of the Municipal Council, Puchong.

Use the following notes to write your letter:

  • rubbish not collected regularly – stench unbearable
  • rubbish scattered all over – bins full – cannot be covered
  • grass not cut – two months – long – children cannot play outside homes – snakes

Model Answer:

16-2 Jalan Puteri 2/5,

Bandar Puteri,

47100 Puchong.

The President

The Municipal Council,

Puchong, Selangor.                                                                                     1 April 20xx

Dear Sir,

Complaint About Irregular Collection of Rubbish and Uncut Grass

On behalf of the residents of Taman Mastertuition, I wish to lodge a complaint about the irregular collection of rubbish and uncut grass.

  1.   The rubbish collection service in my area is irregular. The garbage trucks do not come regularly to Taman Mastertuition to collect rubbish. Sometimes, the rubbish is left in the bins for one to two weeks. The stench from the bins is very strong and unbearable to the residents.

  2.    The rubbish is scattered all over by stray dogs and cats. Flies are seen everywhere. The bins get so full that the lids cannot be covered tightly. Stray cats and dogs knock these bins down and scatter the rubbish all over. This makes the whole area very untidy and dirty.

  3.    The grass has not been cut for more than two months. It is now long and unsightly. Children cannot play outside their houses because there may be snakes hiding in the long grass.

  4.     We would like you to look into this matter and take immediate action.

Thank you.

Your faithfully,

**sign here****

( Bryan Low)