Formal Letter: Poor Condition and Services – Notes

You are unpleasant about the condition and services of the town library. You decided to write a letter to Chairman of the Town Council to complain about the unsatisfactory condition and services of the public library.

Write your letter based on the notes you have made below: –

  • books outdated
  • unhelpful libraries
  • boring activities and layout


Introduction: –

  • situation
  • Format: Formal letter

Body: –

Elaborate the points given: –

Paragraph 1: –

  1. How are they outdated?
  2. What books are available?

Paragraph 2: –

  1. Who?
  2. What did they do?

Paragraph 3: –

  1. What are the activities?
  2. Why are they boring?

Paragraph 4: –

  1. What is it like?
  2. How should it be like?

Closure: –

Emphasize the urgency of the matter.