Rescuing a Boy – HM (First Exam 2016)

The answer is provided by one of the school teachers.

Question 1:

Write a story. You may use the words given to help you. Write your answer in the space provided. Write your story between 80 and 100 words.

Begin your story with: –

Ali and Jason are good friends. They live in the same neighbourhood and have been friends…

One day, both the boys went swimming at a nearby river. When they were swimming, Ali had a cramp in his leg and could not move. He started shouting for help.

Jason thought of an idea. He ran to get a long stick. He held onto one end of the stick and yelled to Ali to grab on the other end. Slowly, he managed to pull Ali.

Jason helped Ali to walk home slowly. Jason was bailed a hero for saving his friend’s life.