Describe the Person You Admire Most

Some of the earliest and best memories of growing up are of my grandmother or “Ah Ma” as I affectionately call her. She has influenced our lives in many ways that it is difficult to imagine life without her.

Grandma has all the qualities which most girls desire, beauty and brains, when she was young. At 18, she stood five feet seven inches, with a slender waist and graceful build, which kept most eyes goggling when she walked by.

Her academic achievement too had made her a figure of respect. At 21 years old, she graduated with a degree in Education. She was also the captain of her school basketball team which she had led to championships at district levels. Being President of the English Language Society added more credit to her active involvement in the school’s co-curricular.

A woman of fortitude, it is her belief that only the strongest and fittest survive in the world. There is no place in it for moaners and weepers. Some 10 years ago, Grandma was confined to a wheelchair after a road accident which left her paralysed from the waist down. Her sheer will to live and not to be burden to her son brought her back on her feet again in a matter of just a few months.

Although as lively as a cricket, we know that she is in her twilight years. There will come a time when she will have to leave, but until then, she will always be my friend and confidante. I really appreciate her love and kindness. She will be the person I admire most in my whole life.