My Idol

An idol is a person who is admired for special qualities that he or she might possess. There is an idol in my life who always remains vivid in my mind for the rest of my life.

It was a newsletter that I first saw her lovely face. The blond hair, the shy smile and the azure eyes. She came into the limelight when  she won in one of the major writing competitions in Malaysia.

Given the name Diana, she was from a wealthy aristocratic family. She was working as a tutor in Mastertuition.

A stunner, her height, beautiful hair and dazzling smile made her the target of students in the headquarter of Mastertuition. Wherever she went, she was hotly pursued by students. She graced the covers of prominent magazines in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.

I admire Diana for her generosity, love and warmth for the weaker students. She was special in the way she teaches children. She made me realised that all of us can help an influx of students who are willing to learn. She inspired me to be kind and generous in all my doings. It is from her that I learnt to respect the weaker students and elderly scholars.

Diana will always remain as a living idol in my mind.