My First Day As a Form 1 Student

I had graduated from primary school. I had to move on to secondary school. Before entering secondary school, I was excited.

On my first day, however, I was scared of lots of things before arriving; I thought that I would not make any friends, there were so many new children there that I didn’t know and I was scared of being bullied by big kids. There were some old friends from my primary school that I knew but most of the children in my class I had only seen on induction day so I didn’t really remember them. And the school was massive, much bigger than the primary school I went to; however was I going to find anything?

One thing I knew about secondary school was that we had to move around the school for lessons and that we had loads of different teachers. When I saw our timetable there were loads of lessons to be done, some were new to me and some I hadn’t even heard of.

In primary school, I had one teacher, now I had many teachers. I thought the teachers were going to be bossy and strict and would given me too much homework. I just didn’t think I would get the work.

So did anything I was scared of happen? Well not really, I had a map of the school, it was a bit difficult to find classrooms at first but I got used to it. Everyone was nice to me, some children I didn’t know spoke to me and some are now friends of mine. Teachers are a bit more strict than at primary and they don’t like me talking in class but they’re not too bad and they do help us. It is a bit strange having lots of teachers teaching us and lessons are harder than at primary school, the subjects are harder and the lessons are longer, but we are getting used to it. Then there is homework, it is hard and there is so much of it to do; don’t they realise there is television to watch at home?

Some of the homework is fun and it’s difficult to remember when it is due in. I don’t think that I will get used to homework!

What other differences are there from primary school? Well, lunchtime is different, it is much shorter. I only just get time to eat my lunch and chat to my friends. Some children use Cards, they let us buy our lunch in the cafe with a small plastic card and we can choose what we want for lunch, but I eat my sandwiches in the cafe instead. Another difference is that in primary we could go anywhere in the playground and field that we wanted, but in secondary all the Year 7’s have their own playground which other kids aren’t allowed into.