Leading Purveyor of Bahasa Malaysia and English Writing for KSSR * PT3 * SPM


  1. as fast as a deer
  2. as fat as a pig
  3. as feeble as a child
  4. a frisky as two-year-old
  5. as gentle as a dove
  6. as gentle as a lamb
  7. as graceful as a swan
  8. as hairy as a gorilla
  9. as harmless as a dove
  10. as hungry as a hunter / wolf
  11. as industrious as a beaver
  12. as loyal as an apostle
  13. as mad as a March hare
  14. as playful as a kitten / puppy
  15. as plump as a partridge
  16. as sick as a dog
  17. as silly as a sheep
  18. as sober as a judge
  19. as strong as a horse
  20. as swift as a hawk
  21. as tall as a giant
  22. as tender as a chicken
  23. as white as a ghost
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