The Place I visited

During my last holidays, I paid a visit to Batu Pahat. On the first day of my arrival in Batu Pahat. I did not feel any excitement at all. The town looked dull and I felt no urge to stay there long. But to my surprise, I soon discovered that behind the dull and ugly scenes of the town, there were many interesting things to see, especially at a place called Minyak Beku.

Minyak Beku, a small villae, is only a short distance from the town of Batu Pahat. As I felt bored in the town, one morning, a friend of mine and I set out for Minyak Beku. Walking through many coconut and rubber plantations in Minyak Beku, we finally reached a small and beautiful village on the sea-shore. There, we came across many poultry farms. Hundreds of hens and chickens were feeding themselves on tiny sea-creatures, and a shallow sea was full of ducks. Occasionally, a man or a woman passed by. Fishermen were casting their nets into the sea, and it was indeed a pleasure to see the fish, large and small, struggling to return to the sea.

In the distance many beautiful islands could be seen against the background of a clear blue sky. We could also see a light-house on one of the islands. At the suggestion of my friend, we took a boat and proceeded towards the light-house.

The journey took about fifteen minutes. When we reached there, we were surprised to find a number of people living on that island in very primitive conditions. These people did not seem to have been much influenced by the…