XXThe beach along Teluk Tanjung Malim was littered with rubbish. Our teacher, Mr Bryan decided to clean it up.

XXIt was a Sunday morning. The ball of fire was just above the horizon. We had just arrived at the beach. Mr Bryan was there before us. Before we started cleaning up the beach, he gave us a briefing on the specific areas from where we had to pick the rubbish, where to dispose off the rubbish and when to come back for lunch.

XXArmed with plastic bags and rakes, we walked along the beach. We cleaned the shore. we picked up paper, plastic bottles, wood, shoes and others. Some of the bottles and wood had been buried in the sand. We had to use our rakes to pull them out and put them into the plastic bags. You would be surprised to learn that there were even toothbrushes, cans, tins and plastic cups all over the place. When our plastic bags were full, we tied them and placed them in a specific area on the beach.

XXWhen we had walked half a kilometre, we took a rest. We had a drink which we brought along. Then, we marched back to where Mr Bryan was. We dragged the bags of rubbish along and put them on the main road where the council workers would collect them.

XXAfter having done our work, the beach was clean and nice.