Good morning everyone. I’m sure all of you know that the haze is very bad these days. It can make you sick if you do not know how to take care of yourself. I’m here to give you some advice on what to do.


XXStay indoors as much as possible so that you breathe in less harmful particles. Keep all windows and doors shut to prevent the haze from entering your home. Do this until the air quality improves.


XXWhen you go outside, do wear a mask as the haze is quite bad. The mask will protect you from breathing in the harmful particles. Change the mask when it becomes dirty.


XXWash your hands regularly, especially when you are at public places. After going out, you should shower immediately when you get home.


XXIt is important that you eat a balanced diet to keep your body strong and healthy. Drink a lot of water to help your body get rid of the harmful substances that you have breathed in.


XXif you suddenly find you have difficulty breathing, ask your parents to take you to consult a doctor immediately.


XXI hope you have found the talk useful. If you’ve any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them.