Article – Bazaar

You are working in Ipoh as a reporter for a newspaper. You have been asked to write an article on the ABC Bazaar that will be held every Saturday and Sunday. Use the notes below to help you.

Your article must not be less than 150 words.

  • ABC Bazaar
  • Start 1 March 20xx
  • Every Saturday and Sunday
  • Aim – bring more life and colour to city
  • Morning – ABC Market
    • Vegetables
    • Fresh produce
    • Home-made products
  • Afternoon – ABC Trade
    • Car boot sales
    • Leather goods, crafts, souvenirs
    • Second-hand goods
  • Evening – ABC Night
    • Musical performances
    • Food stalls

(Modal Answer: )

ABC Bazaar

The much-awaited ABC Bazaar begins this Saturday, 1 March 20xx. It will be held every Saturday and Sunday along the stretch of ABC Street. The aim is to bring more life and colour to this city.

In the morning, the ABC Market will have many stalls selling vegetables, fresh produce and home-made products. Visitors to the ABC Market will be able to buy fresh vegetables, fish, meat, milk, rice and other farm produce at reasonable prices.

The ABC Trade in the afternoon will have car boot sales, as well as stalls selling leather goods, handicraft items, souvenirs and second-hand goods. This will be a good place to pick up gifts and leather items, as well as to bring foreign friends who wish to buy souvenirs.

The ABC Night held every Saturday and Sunday evening will be filled with musical performances. Visitors to the bazaar will be entertained by local dancers and musicians the whole night long. Stalls selling all kinds of food items will be set up enabling visitors to enjoy the local flavours of the city.

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