A Close Encounter

The crunching of dried leaves, resonated throughout the tranquil forest. The deeper we approached, the darker it got. The sun was hidden by a blanket of clouds. The little sunlight that shone through the foliage was gone gradually. Bryan and I walked close to each other and halted every few steps to investigate. Without warning, a pair of ferocious eyes stared at us from between the tree trunks.

Bryan ceased in his tracks. He was pale. A chill ran down my spine. I shivered with fear and my legs trembled. We stood our ground, hoping that what we had seen would vanish at once. However, the pair of eyes became more enormous. To our horror, we realised that whatever the eyes belonged to was dashing towards us. As it advanced towards us, the eyes lowered as though the creature had suddenly became shorter. We held our breath as a furry oval-shaped head appeared from between the trees. It was a stray dog! We were stunned. There had never been sightings of wild dogs in the forest. It growled at us, showing its sharp fangs. Bryan tugged my hand. “Let’s run!” he mumbled.

Turning around, we ran as fast as lighting. We ignored the rustling of leaves as lizards and squirrels moved around us. We ran without looking back once. Eventually, out of breath, we halted and fell to the ground. I turned around, expecting the dog to pounce on us but it was gone.

Nudging Bryan, who was panting so hard, I told him that the dog was gone. We decided to end our trek and leave the forest. As we made our way out, we heard the squeals and screeches of the creatures in the forest. Not wanting to become its prey, we ran at lightning speed the rest of the way home.

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