Forming Comparative Adjectives 

Forming Comparative Adjectives
To make a one-syllable adjective comparative, all you need to do is add
-er to the end of it. So short becomes
shorter, cold becomes colder, and sweet becomes
With two-syllable words, there are a couple of methods you can use. If the adjective ends in
-y, you change the
Y to an I and add -er. So for example, happy becomes
happier, friendly becomes friendlier, and curly becomes
If the two-syllable adjective doesn’t end in -y, just add
more or less before it. This way, perfect becomes more perfect
, and modern becomes less modern. Same with adjectives that have three or more syllables.
becomes more beautiful, and comfortable becomes
less comfortable.
These two methods shouldn’t be used together. Saying “Her hair is
more curlier than mine,” isn’t quite right. It’s better to say “Her hair is
curlier than mine.”