Saving Money


  • friend – thrifty – pocket money
  • spends – drinks – piggy bank – coins – promised –
  • satisfied – doing – thing –

My best friend, Alice, is a thrifty girl. She saves her pocket money whenever she can.

Alice obtains three dollars from her mother every morning before she goes to school. She spends one dollar on food in school only. She does not spend her money on drinks. She saves the rest of her money. She has a unique piggy bank. It is almost full. There are a lot of coins inside. Alice’s mother has promised to keep the money in a bank for her. Alice does not spend her money on things that she does not need urgently.

She does not buy junk food. She wants to save her money for a rainy day.

Alice’s mother is satisfied with her act. She tells Alice that she is doing the right thing.

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